Install Guestonline module on my Wix website

Easily install your online reservation's module Guestonline on your restaurant's website, thanks to the tutoriel below :

  • Log into your management's interface on your Wix site. Choose the page where you would like to position your module :

  • In the left menu, click on the symbol "+" then at the very bottom of the list, on "More":

  • This menu "More" opens and suggests you to add a HTML Code : click above

  • Click on "Enter Code" :

  • Then select "Website Address", and stick the url of your Guestonline's module (which you will find ici) :

 If you would like the module to be displayed by default with another language than french, please add the extension ?locale= and the code of the language (2 letters) at the end of the url.

For instance to display by default in english :

[url of the module]?locale=en

  • Record in clicking on "Update" : a window appears with your module. Move it on the page in the desired location. You can reach more display' options with a right click on the window :

  • Do not forget to save (above on the right) then "to publish" to show the update on your own site.

Congrats, you are now ready to welcome your first online reservations, via your own site !

Find out now how to receive and manage them on ce tutoriel !

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