Install your Guestonline booking engine on your Facebook page

The "Call-to-action" is a functionality offered by Facebook for professional pages. Restaurants can add a "Book Now" button directly on their header picture and take the internet users to their booking engine, by only one click.

It is very easy to install.

Follow the guidelines below :

How can I add the "call-to-action" button on my restaurant Facebook page ?

  • Click on "Add a button" : the button is on the header picture of your Facebook page

  • Choose the action you want : "Book Now"

  • Associate a url address in "website" line : this is your booking engine address. You can find it by going to pro.guestonline.fr > settings > module
  • Click on the Facebook tab and copy the url at the bottom :

  • Then paste it on Facebook, and click on "Create"

That's it !

People can now book a table directly from your Facebook page

Every booking made on your Facebook page with the dedicated url (which ends with yr3faXipsY) will appear with the Facebook logo on your Guestonline reservation book :



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