[SETTINGS] The "restaurant setting" menu

This menu abounds in numerous options highly interesting ! Do not hesitate to glance at it to activate / desactivate options.

  • To reach it, click on "Settings" then "restaurant setting"



  • The menu appears :


In here is the detail:

  • Data format

Allows you to say if the name of the contacts has to have :


  • Reminder notifications
Allows you to choose when the reminder of reservation is sent to your customers.
Those having reserved on-line receive automatically a (free) e-mail in the morning of the concerned meal,      at about 9:15 am.
Those having booked by telephone for whom you recorded an e-mail+send a confirmation of reservation       by e-mail also receive it.
For SMS: the option must be activated (ie lower, in the current price list according to your country, rates are available here). The SMS leaves at the hour configured here.
  • Push notifications
Allows you to choose how long in advance the optional reservations display in the center of notifications cloche.pngOn your book of reservations Guestonline Web (at the top right, when you are on the menu "reservations").
It allows you to remember yourselves that you have next reservations to be confirmed.
NB : The center of notifications also includes the on-line reservations "awaiting confirmation" from you.
  • Sms management
Allows you to activate the sendings of SMS (except campaigns). Details are here.
  • Reviews
Details are here.
  • No service booking management
This option is useful for you if you created accounts "employees" (and not only "managers" on your establishment - not approachable in the offer "Saveurs").
When your collaborator connects with an access "employee", certain limitations are imperative if this field is marked. Details are here.
  • Booking notifications management
This option allows you to show, on Guestonline Web, each modification made on a reservation :           Creation, modification (date, hour, number of guests) or change of status (honored, nullified), cancellation, affectation of tables etc as here :
  • Show No service on dashboard
This option allows to show on dashboard, for Guestonline Web, the out of order reservations (or not).
For instance :
 Update 28/03/17
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