[STATISTICS] How can I collect my customers opinions ?

 Did your customers had the great pleasure to come and eat at your place ?

Would you like to know their opinion ?

It is now possible with Guestonline !

Thanks to an account manager on Gestonline Web the consultation of notices is fully available.

1/ Activate the options

  • Through Guestonline Web : Settings > configuration of the restaurant :     tick the option you are interested in :

sms : 0.08€ ht / sms

email : gratuit

2/ How to generate the sending

  • With the emails : they are sent automatically the day after the meal by 09.00am : your customer will receive this, in the language chosen on the module :


  • With sms :

- through Guestonline Web : from the reservations booklet, once the meal is finished, click on the reservation > "request of opinion by sms"

- Through Guestonline iPad : on your reservations booklet, click on the concerned reservation's castor then "send the request of opinion"

Your customers will immediately receive sms with a link :

By clicking above, they are sent back on an internet page

(on the browser of their smartphone)

Inviting them to give their opinions :


3/ Consult the opinions

To consult the opinions of your customers, you simply go on Guestonline Web and click on the menu "Opinions" :

  Notices are not broadcasted, neither automatically shareable with other websites :

They are intended for an internal use to know the opinions of your customers, in a quality purpose and an improvement of service.

You can if you wish, postpone them manually on your site, in a column "customers' testimonies" for instance.

You will not be notified of new notices' arrival,

do not hesitate to consult them regularly in the "dedicated" menu !

The request of opinions exists in all the proposed languages  on the module Guestonline !



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