[SETTINGS ] How to set my services?

Here is how to manage easily the opening days and hours of your services for the Guestonline module. Also, set the number of seats that you dedicate to the online booking and find others useful tips. 



If you went through the form of distance selling, you have already given the opening hours and days for your establishment. 

  • Then click on "Openings"


  • To add an opening on Monday, for example, click on the green button "Add a period" on the Monday line.

  • A window opens, specify whether it is for lunch or dinner or other, then click on "Add a period".


  • By default, a time slot is displayed. Click and move the sliders to determine the opening period


  • Set the capacity, thats meaning the number of seats you have

  • Then, specify the minimum number of days before a booking : if you notice 3, it means that you will not accept more bookings 3 days before the desired date. If you specify 0, guests can book until this day.

  • Then fill the last time for the reservation to be made: if you specify 12:00 and 0 above, your customers can book up to noon the same day. If the customer wants to book late, there will be no immediate confirmation and you will need to manually confirm the booking for this service (if you are in validation mode "mixed"). If you are in "manual" mode, once the deadline is reached, he will will not be able to book at all.


  • Specify the minimum and maximum number of persons per booking. This information is not compulsory !



  • You can set a "Maximum Number of reservations ": this figure limits the number of combined online and manual bookings 

  • Define your validation mode for reservations: automatic validation, manual, or mixed. All detailed explanation can be found here.
  • Choose the booking hours. By default, they are segmented in blocks of 15 minutes : you can tick or untick them.


 You can add a message for your customers (in French and other languages). They will see it before the finalization of their booking. This message is integrated for a single service (like here) or globally, for every service and every day by going to the "restaurant" tab.

Finally, click on "OK" to save the service.


  • Back on the main menu, confirm your modifications to save them

Want to save time? that is simple, just duplicate an opening!

You can duplicate the previously entered information on all the other days of the week:

  • Click the icon Duplicate date

  • A window will open : check the days for which you want to record the same times and then click Duplicate.

Do not forget to click "OK" to save the service.

You can also duplicate one day on a special opening, and then make your changes there. For example, duplicate a "classic" day on a special opening for December 24, and then delete dinner. You will appear as open for lunch and configuration only took a few seconds!
If this window appears after recording your services, it means that past and future reservations are not defined in the periods or are not respecting some limits (number of maximum persons per booking i.e.) :


You can :

> Click on "confirm and cancel selected bookings", only ticked reservations will be cancelled. Customers who booked online will receive an email informing them of the cancellation.

> Click "resume editing services" to change your services again.

Update 31/10/2017

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