How are my online bookings validated ?

You have installed your booking engine, and you want to know how to validate your online bookings ?

Follow the guide !

  • On the “Settings” menu then “Openings”, your openings are displayed (if you have set them) : 


  • Click on one of your services : a field called “mode” appears :


  • If you click on the drop-down menu, you will have 3 choices :

  •  – Auto : online bookings made for that service are automatically validated, if they respect the constraints that you have set : max hour, minimum number of  persons, maximum number of persons.
  • Manual : each online booking has to be confirmed by you (from the iPad app, smartphone app, from Guestonline Web or from the email notification). Online booking is offered as long as your constraints are respected by your customer.
  • Mix : as long as constraints are respected, the booking is automatically confirmed. When the booking is “beyond the constraint”, it has to be manually confirmed. For example : your customer is booking at 11.30 am for lunch, and your maximum hour for booking is set at noon. He wants to book a table for 10 persons and you have set a maximum of 8 persons per booking (below this number, the booking will be automatically confirmed, but for 10, the booking will be awaiting your approval because it is over the constraints originally set).

Your customer will receive e-mails according to his booking status.

For more details, you can look at the dedicated link.


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