Translate The Plugin On WordPress

Guestonline plugin is not available in your language ?

Would you like to be part of its development ?

Contribute to the plugin translation and help the community.


  • Select the language you would like to translate (5) and the file you want to work on (6)


  • There are 4 files ; development, development readme, stable and stable readme.
  • Once you have picked up your language and file, the original english sentence/word appears on the left column (7), you do not have to start with the first one, you can chose the one you feel the most at ease with.

  • To start translating, click on details (8)  on the right, and write your translation in the text space (9)
  • Then suggest your new translation (10)

Congratulations !

Your sentence/word is now waiting to be confirmed by the translator team.

The Team Guestonline greatly appreciates your contribution !

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