Install your Guestonline booking module on your Website

This page explains how you can integrate your Guestonline booking module on your restaurant’s website so that your clients can book at your restaurant online at any time.

If you haven’t got a Guestonline account yet, please create it ! You can contact us by e-mail (commercial@guestonline.io) or phone (+335 82 95 08 92).

You need to have an access to the HTML code of your website.
If this is not the case, contact your Webmaster or the person who administers your Website.

Step 1 – Choose your module displaying mode

  • Module type : « Button »

You can add a button that will display your booking module when the client clicks on it.

This is ideal to allow your clients to book from a specific place on your Website

(use the « Button » code in the email ‘Activation reservation module’ you’ve received).


  • Module type : « Page »

You can also display the booking module on a dedicated page of your Website.

For instance, in a « Contact » page or a « Booking » page.

(Use code « Page » in the email your received).



Step 2- Copy the corresponding code

Copy the « Button » or « Page » code from the email « Activation Reservation Module » you’ve received.

You’ll also find this code on your backoffice in Settings/Main module (pro.guestonline.fr)

Step 3 – Paste the code on your Website

  • Open the HTML code at the place where you wish to position the button/booking module
  • Paste the appropriate code and save. Warning : if you wish to insert this module on an existing page, the iframe dimensions must be at least 320px width and 450px height.
Advanced option :
If you integrate the module as a « Button », you can easily change the colour by changing the code after the parameter « background ».
To modify the text on the button, simply modifiy the text « Book online»
And that’s it !
You’ve just integrated your online booking module.
Well done ! :)

If you’ve not already done it, you can download GuestOnline mobile application on your mobile store.

Now your clients can book at your restaurant online and you will receive notification on your smartphone for each booking. 

Do not forget …

Where you choose to put your module on your Website is essential :

It might be very visible and easy to find straight from your homepage.

Internet users don’t like to search for things !

Go further …

You can also install your booking module on your Facebook page straight from your page timeline

(paste the code in the « call to action » button).

A question ?

For any technical query or if you wish to change the colour of your booking module,

please feel free to contact us

on 0033 582 95 09 33 or email us support@tableonline.fr

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