[BOOKINGS] Take a phone booking with a deposit or a credit card imprint (Guestonline Web)

Your client is making a phone booking on a service or for an offer for which you require a deposit or a credit card imprint. 

To comply with GDPR enforced on May the 25th, for any phone booking subject to down payment or bank guarantee, your clients have to fill in their credit card information by themselves.

  • on your booking form, after you've selected the date/hour/number of covers, the deposit field or guarantee is displayed : enter your customer's email address or mobile number to send the request




(nb : the email address or mobile number can be different from the ones entered on the contact form in your database)

  • the client receives an email or a sms :


  • the restaurateur receives this email :


  • on your booking diary / floorplan, the reservation is displayed with a "prepayment request" status :


  • Once the client has filled in his credit card number on the form, the booking is confirmed : the booking status turns into "awaiting client arrival" on the reservation book. You and the client receive an email confirmation.

information.jpg- You can validate the booking by yourself - without the credit card information - by clicking on the wheel > "validate the pending booking" 

- once the request is sent, you can check it has been sent by clicking on the "phone" icon at the start of the booking line and also by clicking on "modify the booking" (the mention "a prepayment request has been sent" appears)



Update 10/07/2018


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