Release note 2018



  • 23/01/2018


- Take a booking : simplification of a contact selection/creation  : 


- Print reservations from the diary : distinction between "clients notes" and "booking notes" 


-Print reservations from the diary : mention of deposits or credit card imprints on the reservation : 


 - On the floorplan, modification of the "drag & drop" actions : it is now possible to drag a reservation from one room to another room or drag a booking from the list to a room that is not open on the screen :  


- Offer : if an offer is conditioned by the payment of a deposit or credit card imprint, you can now choose it when you take a phone booking and add the credit card number while on the phone (this is not possible for an event yet). This applies to a booking modification as well : 


 - Switch of client history : bookings are now displayed from the most recent to the eldest ones. 



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