[SETTINGS] I have a special event in my restaurant, how can I inform my customers ? I want to display a menu on my module ?

If you are organizing an event and you would like to inform your customers ?

Before sending your newsletter to inform every body, please consider creating the event to make it appear on your module ! 

  • Go to "Settings" and "Offers / Events" 

  • Click on "New Event"

  • You enter the information about your event
  • First, give the name and details of the event                                                                                     So the information will appear on the booking module

  • You can specify, optionally, a minimum or/and maximum number of tables to be booked

  • You can specify if you want to make the booking available or not                                                          If it is not bookable (unticked), it means "a special event is going on for that date                             and you can not book it" (eg: a private evening)

  • Select whether your event is taking place permanently (you can indicate lower day concerned for intance, if it only occurs every Thursday) or specific (a specific date or date range)

  • If you want to specify a recurrence (optional), click on the "Add" button and enter the information       (eg here, my offer is valid every Thursday between 07.00pm and 08.00pm)

  • Want to set a prepayment ? click on and set it :

  • Then save by clicking on "Send"

 Little trick !

You create a valid event on a specific date, but only on one service ?

Then specify the time period in recurrences

(eg if the event takes place Thursday, 09.25pm, then: 07.00pm / 11.00pm for instance)

 So, it will not appear for lunch time !

In that case, thank you for writing the description in the title because it is only where it will appear

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