[CONTACTS] How to merge my contacts in double ?

You regularly take reservations, and also your customers book on your on-line module.

Your database begins to fill out, only you realize that certain contacts are in double.

Solution is not to delete one of the index cards of your customer, because you would also erase her/his historic.

You can easily merge two or even several identical customer cards, and so clarify your database !

Also, if you send emails or SMS campaigns, it will avoid your customers to receive them several times. 

1/ First case :
you have only some doubles, 

so you are going to manage manually

  • Head towards the menu "Contacts" : all your contacts' list is going to appear :


  • Seize in the bar of researches the last name of the customer created in double and what you would like to merge :

  • Here, we are going to merge Mister "Toto" who's got two identical index cards.                                  We know it is the same contact after checking the email or/and the phone, for instance. Mark the concerned contacts :

coche ctc

  • Then click on "Merge"

  • A mask opens itself, identical to a customer card.                                                                          Note, please, the following information : 

Double click the field, information already given about one or both index cards will appear :

then you can choose which one you would like to keep during the merge.

For instance, double-click on the field "Last name" :

In our example, we had two different phone numbers on each of the index cards.

Double click on the field "Landline", one numbers and one empty line appear :

click the one you want to keep :

You do not have to click on every field !

If all the information is identical, you can directly click on "To create the merged contact"

- At least, if it is not already done, click on "To create the merged contact" :

Here we are, your contacts are now merged !

If you search again with the last name of  Mister Toto, it appears only one time on your list, now.

2/ Second case :

you think of having many double

  • Manage you towards the menu "Contacts" : the list of all your contacts is going to appear :


  • Click on "Contacts management", and then click on "Find duplicates" :

  • A list of the potential doubles is going to appear. The search is only made on last names : 

 Now be careful to well take into account the "real" doubles or the "false" doubles !

Obviously, you can have homonyms which are not doubles such as "Bellencourt" :


who do not have the same first name !

faux doublon

  • Let us take as example a real double, Mister Silva :

  • Same last name, first name, phone number, it is well about the same person !                                  Very easily, click on the button "Merge" situated near its information : 

  • You will find the contact's details mask,  as in the first case (doubles in small number).                  Double click on the concerned fields to choose the information to be kept during the merge :

  • Eventually, click on "To merge the contacts in double" to validate :

  • You will obtain an indicating message that the operation succeeded : 

 If you use the Guestonline iPad application, to make sure your customer database updates you have to proceed to a manual synchronization  

(management of the data > to synchronize now)

then "To reset the basis"

(Under the button "Archive") :

your database is going to reload in the application and to take into account the cleaning of your doubles.

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