[BOOKINGS] Create a booking on the iPad app

To succeed with the manual bookings creation from Guestonline Web, please read below ! 

Your iPad will be your invaluable ally during your restaurant service to make easy any booking for reservations:

Especially designed to be used during restaurant service, the Guestonline application will allow you to manage quickly and easily all your reservations and any arrival of customers.

  • First of all, you may be connected, obviously, to internet and identified on the application:

  • Here is how appears the view "book of reservation":

  • To take a reservation: you may go on the concerned day to check the availability. In order to reach the right day, click on the date at the top of the opened page, a calendar opens itself:

  • Click on the upper right clock to take a reservation:

  • Fill in the informations of your customer or firstly, the details of the reservation, according to what your interlocutor communicates to you. When you will fill in her/his name or quite all different field in "customer information" part, "customers" list on the right will become refined to propose you the already existing customers in your database and corresponding to these various criteria.

  • If your customer appears on the list: click on his name. Otherwise, complete with the informations you have and click on "new"

 If you already have a customer with the same phone number and e-mail,

the software will warn you of possible duplicate.

  • You can optionally add an internal "note", give a table, or tick the box "to send the notifications", which will allow your customer to receive a free of charge e-mail confirmation (the box is cochable only if a correct email is well informed obviously):

  • Then click on "Save"

  • Your book of reservation updates itself with the reservation you have just seized:

  The information seized on the iPad application updates automatically on your other interfaces:

Guestonline Web (computer), Guestonline mobile, and obviously your booking module about the remaining availability.

In order to work properly, your iPad may be permanently connected through WiFi, and on the "right" network:

please avoid the "consumer" connections for which it is often necessary to reconnect.


- Your iPad might be well synchronised and up to date, has to post the mention Updated: ../../..    "at the bottom left:

- If you see this orange triangle:you do not have connection anymore

- If you see this orange cloud:you found back the connection but have not        synchronised data.

Click on the lower right castor > management of the data > synchronise now to save and make it disappear.

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