[GENERAL] I want to receive booking notifications on a second e-mail address

You want to receive your booking notifications (new booking, change, cancellation)

on a second e-mail address ?

Sure you can !

  • From your back-office, add an employee : “settings : employees”



  •  Then click on “create an employee”. Fill in the form : you must write a first name, last name and an e-mail.

 Be careful : one user = one e-mail address. You can not use the same e-mail address for every user.

  • To finish, click on “Create”

  • Once the account is created, send an e-mail to support@tableonline.fr. We will then activate this second e-mail address. If you only want to change the e-mail address you are receiving notifications on, go to your settings and change it in the “restaurant” menu.

 The person you have created an account for will receive an e-mail.

Then he will be able to access to Guestonline Web and change his password.

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