[SETTINGS ] How to create several periods on the same service ?

You would like to cut your lunch or your dinner in several reservable time slots, to be able to master your flow of entrances in your establishment, or organise your waiters and your kitchen team?

It is possible, for a particular day, a recurring service, either for all !

  • Follow the beginning of a classic service creation, or a special opening.
  • Lets take for example a lunch with 4 individual time slots from the right, to shorten it till 12:30. You create your first service from 12 am till 12:30 am. For that purpose, click the blue band then make it slide.

  • Make the modifications you need, then save

  • Then, click on the "+" at the end to add your second time slot, always on the same service :


  • Fill up the elements as above ;
  • Make that process till all your services are sliced, then duplicate it on some other days if you want it and save.



 You will easily distinguish your service cutouts in the "openings" portion with vertical lines which are separating them:

>>On your computer dashbord, the button wiil be black and not green or red :

By clicking on it, you'll see the different sub services and be able to close one or more, regardless.

  >> On your web bookings, click on the "Services" button, you'll see the different services: you can close them unitary here

>> On your iPad, when you have at least one reservation in two periods into the same service, a blue line will appear to separate it from another period :

>> For your customers, it is quite clear:

The bookable times are displayed in the same way on the module.

If you "close" a schedule, it will disappear from the module, similarly if one of them is full.


>> Warning, the seating are not related to the occupation of your tables :

Carefully consider this criterion when setting your openings.

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