[CONTACTS] Contacts groups, what is that for ?

In the contact management, you can assign them to "groups".

These groups are modifiable, deletable, and it is equally possible to create new ones.

What purpose ?

Categorize your customers according to their preferences, interests, or the purpose of their coming.

Did you realized a wine tasting in the evening?

Collect your customers' information, and check them in the "wine amateur" group.

Did you achieved a promotion ?

And you want to communicate the future offer to your guests who came for the event?

Create a group "special offer".

The creation of groups will be helpful in your communication through e-mail campaigns or sms.

Create a group

  • From the "Contacts" tab, click on "Groups Management":


  • The list of existing groups appears. Some groups are already created by default (Vegetarian, allergy .... those without the ability to edit or remove)

  • To create a new group, click on "new" at the botom of the list :

  • A line will be added, type the name of your new group in"Name" and "create":

Your group is added to the bottom of the list.

Edit a group

  • From the tab "Contacts", click on "Groups Management":


  • On your groups list, click on the logo "Edit" to change the name, or the red X to remove it:



Your group is deleted, and contacts were distributed of this group.


Assign a contact to a group :

  • From the tab "contact", find your contact :


  • Click on the "edit" button of your customer, you get onto the details. Then click on "Groups", the list will appear:


  • Click the group(s) you want to assign to your client, then "Save the contact": 

  • If you must assign it to multiple groups, click on the groups one after another.
Tip! you can also create a new group from your customer profile by clicking add gr  next to the field "group"
You can also assign your client to a group when you create the plug contact
(when making a reservation for example).
The groups will be very useful when you want to send a targeted campaign.
For details, see "How to create an e-mail campaign?" or "sms".
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