[CONTACTS] How to Know If My Client Already Came ?

 From your Guestonline computer space, find easily all the information about your customers!

I want to know my client history, single informative:
  • Click on the "contacts" tab :


  • In the search field, enter the name of your customer, the list below will refine:


You can search by last name, first name, and other criteria in the search field !
Once your customer found, you can click on the edit button to see the details :


  • Then move to the "history" tab to see the past reservations                                                  (confirmed, honored, no show and cancellations):


I want to make a booking and access to the history of my customer:

Nothing is easier, click on "Make a reservation"

  • After choosing the date, time, number of seats, type the last name of your customer:                        the list below will refine

  • Choose your customer in the list, and you will see the history and details :

How to recognize your best customers in a glance !
From your booking diary, under the customer's name, you will see how many times he/she came in your establishment.

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