[Bookings] How to synchronise the information between the different tools?

If you are using an iPad with a Guestonline application, an Android smartphone or an iPhone, and Guestonline web

All your information are synchronised between your tools in real time

Your tools need to be online for the data transfer

A customer is booking online ?

The booking will appear by email, as a "push" notification on your mobile, in the list of reservations to be confirmed on your iPad application, as a "push " if you enabled the option (" Settings "> restaurant Configuration ) on your Guestonline web

- Mail :


- Mobile notification (push) :


- Mobile notification (inside the app) :

- iPad application  : 

- Guestonline web (at the bottom right, on the bell) :

Information are automatically synchronising as soon as you enter a booking, confirm an online booking, add a table, create a customer ...

  •  On iPad :

When you see red dots on your notebook reservations, it means your application is not updated and relevant data are neither stored nor transmitted to other devices

In this case, click on the bottom right wheel> Data Management> Synchronize now

The red dots might disappeared, by now


 Update 12/01/17


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