[SETTINGS] I'm closing for holidays

You're off on holiday ? Lucky you ! Don't forget to inform your clients by closing online bookings. This can be done very easily in a few clicks ! 

  • Go to the « Settings » menu then « Closing-time »


  • Click on « Define closing-time » 

  • Select your closing dates. If you are closed on the same dates every year, select  « annual» in the frequency field so that your closing period will be set for the following years

  • Once you've saved your dates, click on « Confirm changes»


  • Your restaurant will appear as closed on your dashboard as well as on your booking module 

If reservations have already been taken for this closing period, a window will pop up to inform you


If you validate, reservations will be cancelled and clients who have booked during that period will be notified that their booking has been cancelled due to a calendar change.

Make sure you inform your clients prior to making these changes ! 

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