[SETTINGS] My restaurant is full, how can I close online booking ?

Do not forget to inform that your restaurant is full to avoid client disappointment if you can no longer take online bookings. You have access to this setting. 

From your dashboard : 
  • Very simple, close the service with just one click on the red button (No more online bookings will be accepted but you can carry on adding bookings in your diary manually). If you click on the same button again, your service is open again :


  • services are open :

  • once you've clicked, your service is closed ! (the green button means you can click on it again to reopen it) 

NB : if you have several services, the button is neither red nor green but black : by clicking on it, you will have access to your different "sub-services" to only close one or several : 



From your reservation book : 
  • On the service you wish to close, click on « Services », a line will appear


  • The line indicates the service capacity. If the number of covers has not been reached  (here we've got 13 covers booked on 20 available), your clients can carry on booking online (for a maximum of 7 covers in total). If you wish to close your online bookings, click on the red button 

  • In this example, the total capacity has been exceeded because you've taken on bookings manually. You're overbooked by 18 covers. You can adjust your online bookings by using the button on the right thus allowing clients to carry on booking online if you've still got covers available 

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