[BOOKINGS] I would like to cancel a booking

Your customer did not show up ?

You can notify it on your book of reservations, so you will keep a track on her/his customer card, but also put back her/his flatware available on the reservation.

  • From your book of reservations of the day, click on the caster at the end of line of the concerned reservation

  • A number of choices are going to display : those are the possible actions on the reservation

If you are on a coming day, choices will not be the same !
Indeed, and logically, the first two options will not appear.
  • Click on « Cancel reservation »

  • A window opens with the following sentence :

  • At this moment, you can notify the motive for the cancellation : the message will immediately be passed on to the customer by email. The message is not compulsory but is very welcome ! If you do not wish your customer to receive written notifications (email or sms), untick the box "Send notifications".
Your action is now recorded :
the reservation is registered as «cancelled»
  • The icon of the reservation changed:


  • The number of flatware also, here 0 setting place honored on 2 reserved
  • The reservation appears pink, now.
 This information is kept on the history of the customer card.
So, if she/he realizes regular cancellations, you can see it at a glance !
Also, the not honored flatware is put back to arrangement for the reservations.
You made a mistake ?
Do not panic, you always can click on the symbol «red cross», on the reservation, to reset the state of this booking !
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