[BOOKINGS] I have created my tables, I would like to seat my customers

You have followed the tutorial to create tables ?

Congratulations !

Now, use this feature which is going to change your life !

NB : If you use an iPad, you may have to click on the caster icon at the right bottom of booking diary > data management > synchronize now » to see your tables. 

From your booking diary Guestonline web, about the customer line concerned, click on table icon
«  »:

  • The list of your available table is going to appear :

  • Click on the table you desired to assign to your booking : it is going to be added in the field « tables » You can select several of them :

 You can select several tables at the same time keeping key pressed« Ctrl »

on your keyboard while selecting your tables

  • When you are finished assigning your tables, click on the button «  ».
    The display comes back on diary bookings and the selected tables are properly saved : 


  • To remove one or more table of a booking, click on icon «  » and click on «  »             (to remove all of them) or the cross to remove one table and put another potentially

You can add Table occupation duration of a table by modifying manually this period :                                       the hour which would be released consequently update  

Your table assignments also update on your iPad :  

Affichage de IMG_0008.PNG en cours...

Also on your room plan (Guestonline web) : 


If the booking is cancelled – by you or your client – tables are automatically released

I you change number of cutlery, tables remain assigned

If you change the hour, tables are automatically released

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