[CAMPAIGNS] How to create an e-mail campaign ?

[Save time, you can watch: the tutorial video (7 minutes 30 seconds)]

You can send an e-mail campaign to your customers who have accepted it.

 Each e-mail will be charged 0.01€ excluding tax.

  • Click on the tab « Campaigns » 

  • Then : click on « New e-mail campaign »

Step 1 : Select your contacts

  • If you want to write to all your customers accepting e-mail : click on « Next »

  • If you want to write to one or several contacts and/or groups, please choose them in the list

  • If you want to target few recipients according to others criteria : click on « Advanced »

– Then, choose criteria which you are interested you :

(you can combine them, update of targeted contacts number is automatically done)


(Click on the picture below)

 You can add several criteria, and thereafter remove filters by clicking on « filters » then by removing those you do not want anymore. 

– Then click on « Back to campaign » :

number of targeted contacts will display again 

Then click on « Next »

 Step 2 : Identify your campaign

  • Give a Title to your e-mail campaign (this information is only displayed to identify your campaign, for an internal use)
  • Also, give a Subject (this information will be shared with your customers)

Please, do not enter a capital letters title or with a lot of « !!! »
or even others repeated punctuation  signs because your e-mail could unfortunately be considered as a spam.
  • Then, description is not mandatory :

  • Then, click on « Next » to move on step 3 :

Step 3 : Enter your content

  • You are going to be able to enter the text of your e-mail campaign and choose your template. You can also personalize it. First, click on « Choose » :

  • The list of available templates is going to appear. Choose the one are you interested in by clicking on it :

  • You can change template at any moment, however, be careful because you will loose the entered content !

  • Several colours are available depending on templates : click on it to change the colour, the entered content will be left unchanged.

Fields to fill :

  • Insert pictures with the requested format (if not, the picture will be automatically resized, however be careful about possible distortions) :
  • Here please find the requested format which is 580×150 pixels :

image camp

Click on the icon  insert img

 Below the choice you have : upload / choose / link

– Upload / Download :

First, please upload an image from your computer and click on :

insert img3

Then choose your file and double-click on it

And click on

– Choose :

 This option give you a quick access to pictures already inserted beforehand

– Link : 

If the picture you want to use is already online on your website please enter the URL as below

  • After adding your picture, click on «  » and your image will be added                                    (here with the Guestonline logo) :

  • Then enter your text in the input fields

  • You can edit your text with proposal options (buttons caption appear when you are flying over with your mouse) :

mise en forme texte

  • Do not forget to « Save » each time you are modifying your text :

Footer's information are automatically set.
The link « Forward » will redirect you to your reservations booklet,
« This E-mail was sent by » will automatically be completed with information of your establishment :

 Once edition done, click on « Save » on the bottom right (you might have to scroll down) :

  • You visit the summary of step 3, again. Then, you can choose to display or edit your newsletter. If everything looks good to you, click on « Next »

Step 4 : Plan your campaign

On this last step, you can find the summary of your campaign.

You do not need to plan it now, it is already saved and you can send it, any time :

  • The summary show you the number of recipients and the content of your e-mail campaign :

  • All you need to do is to plan when you want to send it. To do so, click on the calendar on the right of « Launch on » :

  • After selecting your date, click on the hour you want the campaign to be sent :

The planned hour has to be at least 30 minutes from the current hour
It is linked to the time involved by scheduling campaign which launch to our e-mail supplier
  • Eventually, click on « Schedule »

Your campaign is planned, you will be automatically redirected to your list campaign.
In case of problem or incorrect planning, please contact us : support@tableonline.fr
If you often use the same template and want to permanently save some information please,  create your personalize template !
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