[IPAD] How can I connect Guestonline and iKentoo together ?

You are using iKentoo Pos on your iPad ? Good news, you can link it to your Guestonline app ! Thus, when your customers will arrive at the restaurant, you can open their table on your iKentoo app : easy and fast !

  • First of all, contact your support team to activate the option (this is free of course !)
  • Then, synchronise your Guestonline app :

 If you now click on the menu at the top left corner (3 lines), the "iKentoo" menu is added :

  • Before your service is starting, open your iKentoo app and login
  • Once the service has started, on  Guestonline, when a customer arrives : honor the booking. A window pops up : 

  • If you click on "yes", iKentoo will open: Your client name and his booking time is displayed at the top left corner and his account is now open :
  • You can also add a new booking directly from iKentoo by clicking on "New Reservation" :

Guestonline will then open.

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