On how many devices can I be connected ?

The number of connections allowed depends on your offer.

During the demo period

(During 30 days after your account was created ) 

At the end of that trial period, the number of connections allowed will still be 3. 

When you are finished using the back office version on your computer,

make sure you click on "Log out" at the top right corner to free the connection :

 If you forget to log out and you open a new window/tab, you may have to wait at least 8 hours before you are allowed to connect again.

The following message will be displayed :


You can then choose to delete one of your connexions on the mentioned devices.

The user of this device will be then disconnected.

For any further connection, we can invite you to ask for ;

1 connection for 07.00€/month, taxes not included 

 If you have one or several "employees" access, their access will also count as a one connection. 


 (previous offers "Mise en Bouche" allows you only one connection, "Saveurs" 3 connections, et "Dégustation" unlimited connections)

Update 10/04/2017

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