[GENERAL] Can I create several accesses for my employees ?

Create an access for each employee can be useful if you wish to identify who took a reservation in your restaurant for example. You can easily do so for each employee !

  • Click on the «settings» tab, then on « Employees »


  • Click on « Create an employee»

  • Fill in first name, name and email address fields (compulsory)

  • Please note that one user = one email. You cannot us the same email for all the accesses you wish to create 
  • Optionally, you can add a phone number

  • To finish, click on « Create »

The employee you have created an access for will receive an email on the email address you've entered. He will then be allowed to log in and personalise his password. 
An « employee » access does not allow the full use of Guestonline functionalities (for example, campaign editing, creation of another user is not permitted).
If you wish to create another « manager » access, first create an « employee » access and then contact us by email : support@tableonline.fr
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