[SETTINGS] Set specific opening times for a particular day

Your opening times might be different on New Year's eve, a bank holiday or a specific event.

How can you set these specific opening times on your booking module ?

It's very simple:

Just create a special opening !

  • Click on "settings" then  « Opening hours » :


  • At the bottom of the page, you'll see « Special Openings», click on « Create special opening hours»:

 If you wish to duplicate the opening hours of an existing service to save you time, go to the service you wish to duplicate and click on "duplicate as special opening" and choose the date.

Go to the bottom of the page, click on your special opening you've just create it to open it and fine-tune it.

You can cancel a lunch or dinner service you don't need.

This allows you to keep the settings of a regular service. 

  • Edit your service by clicking on it (see also the « Set my opening hours » section). You can then modify the number of covers, bookable hours... And add a note that will be displayed directly on your module for clients wishing to book for that particular day.  
  • In the « Add a note » field, indicate the message you wish to display on the module (special menu or event…) : 

  • Validate and confirm the changes: 

  • The special opening will supersede your usual service settings for the entire day. If you are open for lunch and dinner (but on different hours than usual), don't forget to create both services on that special opening ! 

This is the message that will be displayed on your booking module : 



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