[SETTINGS] How to create tables on Guestonline ?

Do no forget to create and affect your tables during working, it will make things easier !

The following tutorial is made for those who have not subscribe to the "Floor Plan" option :

  • From your "admin interface", click on "settings", then Tables :


  • Then, click on "Create table" :

To create your table one by one : 
  •  Fill up the followings in the window :
-The name of the room (optional) 

-The name of the Table (7, table 7 or bar i.e.)

-The number of seats for this table.


  • Then, click on "create" :     
  • Your tables appear by numerical order. It will be the same presentation when affecting them from your reservation book or from the "Tables" menu on your iPad. If you want to modify the capacity, click on "edit" then change your data and save.


To create many tables with just one click :
If you want to create several tables with same number of seats, use the "interval" function.
For instance :  indicating 1 and 5 will create 5 tables with the number of seats registered.

 You can add a new room easily by clicking the symbol "+" :
then enter the name and "Create room" :
  Important !
Do not delete a table if it is already affected to a booking, and if you are using Guestonline on iPad, mind to synchronise your data after each modification, creation or deletions done from your management interface.
(Data Management> synchronise now)
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