[CONTACTS] I've already got a client database that I would like to import it in Guestonline

You've already got a client database that you've built up before you started using Guestonline. You would now like these clients to be in your Guestonline account so that you can follow your clients' history and send them newsletters ? It is very simple, just import your client database !  

  • Go to the tab « contacts » :
  • Click on « contacts management» :
  • Then click on « download the example file » :

  • If you are operating under Windows, choose where you wish to save your file. Once you've uploaded your file, click on your Windows browser and open the file (you can also open the example file from Excel or another spreadsheet).
  • When your document is open, you will see a first line with the fields' name : Name, first name etc. You must fill in the document by following the example (you can then delete Mr Durand's details used as an example on the second line).

You can simply « copy/paste » the content from your source file, column by column, leaving the fields' name on the first line. 
  • Compulsory fields are your client's name and whether he accepts to receive mail/sms campaigns from your restaurant (column A, M and N). Watch the Column M & N format : Y means  « yes, the client accepts campaigns » and N means  « no, the client refuses».
  • If you would like to add all your contacts to a group, fill in the name of the group in the Q column 
  • What if your contact is already in your Guestonline database and you're adding it again via an import ? No worries, Guestonline can manage duplicate contacts and will simply update your contact.  The process is based on the email address and phone number,so if your client's name & email  is already in your Guestonline database and you import it again with his phone number, it will be created again. But you will be able to manage duplicate contacts via the functionality « find duplicates »
  • For some contacts, you may not have the email address or phone number. Do not fill M & N columns with « Y » meaning that the client would « accept emails or sms» because it will confuse the system and in the end the contact will be refused. 
Be careful with regards to data protection : do not indicate that your contacts accept your email and sms campaigns if you haven't asked them or if they've opted-out. 
  • Once your file has been filled in, save it in Text Unicode Format (File > Save As : and change the format) and go back to Guestonline : click on « Contact Management » then « import » :
  • Choose the file you've just filled on your computer, then click on « import» :
  • Your contacts will be uploaded : you'll see the progress on the bar above your contact list. When the bar is totally green, the import is complete.  

  • You can then click again on the « import » button to get the import report and see import errors (click on the red sentence)  :

> another file will be downloaded and show you the lines with errors. You can correct and re-import those contacts (only these ones, not all the file)


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