[ROOM PLAN] Use its floor plan (option)


To use the floor plan 

you may have this option activated (by contacting us).

The option is included in your "Guestonline" offer.

  • Thanks to your reservations booklet, click on the word with the same name :                                        a drop-down list proposes you « Room plan », click above 
  • Your detailed room plan appears : 

In details :

  • As on your reservations booklet, select the statuses of reservations to be revealed, then the service to be shown.                                                                                                                                      You can sort out if you wish yours reservations by clicking on the third option (display by « hour » by default) : 
  • On the left list appear your reservations for the concerned service.                                                When the reservation is honored, by clicking above, details about the hour of arrival of the customer appear below the list.                                                                                                                   Click on the blue point to reach the actions on the reservations :


  • To assign a table, click on « assign this table » or click on the reservation, leave the button of your mouse pushed and slide the reservation up to the wished table :  
 When the table is assigned, it becomes yellow, the name of the customer and the arrival time are added to it. On the reservations' listing, the number of table is added in the first column :

  • Under the board, you will find a summary statement of your service :                                          number of reservations, customers, tables booked through walking-in.                                             The board below shows you the number of remaining tables, for instance :                                           in the room « Terrasse », you have 36 tables left for two people, or 3 other tables left for 4 people. 
  • On your right, you visualize your floor plan.                                                                                     This one displays such as you defined it (via the menu « tables »), room by room.                            Click on one of the tabs to view the room of your choice.                                                               With a right click on a free table, a menu appears and allows you to book a reservation / to assign this table to an existing reservation / to block the table (it cannot be assigned during the service).
If you work on the room plan of the D-day, you will also see the choice « Walking in » :                                 It allows you to assign a table for a customer coming without any reservation.                                           Thus the table cannot be assigned to another customer and a summary of the table service, at the bottom right, will update. 

Here are the colors which can appear on you floor plan :

– blue : walking in

orange : assigned table, expected customer

turquoise : arrived customer (« honored » reservation)

grey : blocked table (cannot be assigned during the service)

– table surrounded in yellow : assigned to another reservation after the one noted above.

- light blue : waiting for other guests

(a part of the guests are already seated)


  • Eventually, by clicking on the icon « edit » on the top right hand corner edit, then « to modify the carcass » you can easily change the arrangement of your floor room for concerned service only.           (It is not a question of changing the basic structure of your floor plan, just to adapt a modification or a different arrangement for a single service).                                                                                       So you can move a table on your room plan, by clicking above and by making it slide.                         Re-click on the icon « edit » if you want to change another table.

– You can also click on the name of a room to block it completely :

the tables of the chosen room will all go grayish.

Do the same action to free the table. 

Your affectations of tables will synchronize with your iPad, but not the idea of tables nor rooms blocked at the moment ( Ipad application Guestonline 1.7.3).
On the other hand, if you allocate with the iPad a table blocked with the computer, then it will be freed.
If you block a room, all tables associated on the service will be de-allocated.
The tables you affect with the mode « Room plan » are obviously synchronized with the view « Reservations booklet » of your computer.
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