[SETTINGS] How to configure the guarantee or the deposit on my booking's module ?

Would you like to guarantee your on-line bookings with a banking guarantee or the perception of a deposit ?

  • Activation

For that purpose, contact our support department (support@guestonline.io or 33 5 82 95 09 33), they will collect worth knowing supporting documents to be supplied to us :

- bank details ;

- identification card in color of the manager;

- professional identification ;

- Signed conditions of use.

  • The cost

Any financial exchange between the customer and the restaurant, will be appointed.

With a 05,00€ exclusive of tax subscription, per month.

The commissionnement for the European Union' countries rises in :

2.3% + 0.25€ per transaction.

The commissionnement for the non European Union' countries member rises in :

3.8% + 0.25€ per transaction.

  • You can set the guarantee or the deposit on:

- A service (regularly: for instance, every Saturday, or every Friday for the dinner) ;

- A date in particular (creation of a special opening hour) ;

- an offer ;

- an event ;

  • On Guestonline web, click on settings then on "Openings hours" (if you want to set a service or a special opening hour) or on "Offers Events" (for a special opportunity).
  • Create your service / offer / event and check the box " Activate prepayment " :


  • Choose :

- The type: deposit or guarantee ;

- Payment by: reservations or people ;

- Min persons: if the request of guarantee or deposit has to be made from a specific number ;

- Price : the amount to be perceived (which will multiply by the number of people, if you chose "people" on the line " kind ")


  • Record this information. If it is services, do not forget to validate a second time the modifications :


  • When your customers are going to book on-line a date, a service, an offer, an event submitted to a guarantee or a deposit, the information will be transmitted to them during the second stage, after having selected the date, the hour, the number of flatware :



  • Your customer is then going to inform his personal information and phone number, then bank's datas :


  • The customer receives then - as for any online booking - an e-mail with the information of the status of its reservation (to be confirmed or confirmed) with the mention of guarantee or deposit :



  • The restaurant also receives an e-mail to be notified of the booking, with the information of the payment as a deposit or a guarantee.
Good to know :

- No debit will be made to your customer as long as its reservation will not be confirmed ;

- If you cancel a reservation, the deposit is automatically not paid off: you have to, from your reservations note-book, click on " to pay off the deposit". If it is about a bank guarantee, you can take it by clicking on "Collect the guarantee" :


- An evidence will be delivered to you by our account department to justify expenses of transaction taken on every payment on simple request ;

- You will have a direct access to all your transactions, directly from our provider of the on-line payment (information communicated during the setting of your account) ;

- The customers will see the name of your restaurant on their bank statement;

-The bookings with payment of a deposit are symbolized by an icon on your reservation book-note on Guestonline web (neither on the mobile nor on the iPad at the moment) :


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