[ROOM PLAN] How to draw my room plan ?

favicon.jpg You take advantage of the option " room plan " in your subscription ? From Guestonline web Or from the iPad Guestonline application, use this very visual form to place your customers and manage your service !

  • First of all, "draw" your room plan from Guestonline web (computer). The tutorial is right here

Here is an example with a simple room plan, on the computer view :


  • Here is how will appear the same room plan on your iPad application :


NB : You can zoom/unzoom on the iPad view.

  • To change room, click at the bottom right on the drop-down list after "Votre salle"
  • The colors' codes used are the same on both interfaces, during the service :

- Orange table: allocated, awaiting arrival of the customer ;

- Green table: honored reservation

- Dark red table: table to be straightened on the service / reallocated;

- Grey table: blocked (on the service)

Update 23/03/17

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