[BOOKINGS] How to print my bookings ?

  • From Guestonline web, on "Reservations" menu :

  • Click on the "printing" icon :

  • A pop up will open : tick the services and information you would appreciate to print, choose the format (pdf : unchangeable document or csv : you can design it on Excel for example)

  • Then click on "Print reservations" : choose where your document has to be saved on your computer. Depending on the browser you are using, if this choice is not offered, your document will be saved in your "Downloads" file :

 Use "landscape" mode, so you can select 8 columns maximum, 

otherwise they cannot all appear on your document.

 Tips : you can use the "csv" format to put back in page your printing, according to your needs: enlarge or reduce a column, add a personalised column, to print the document according to your criteria (on a single page, with particular colors ... )

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